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You exercise. You eat well (mostly…maybe). You care about your health in some fashion, no doubt. But do you consciously keep good habits when it comes to sleep? Many don’t and author Ryan Andrews, of Precision Nutrition provides details on exactly how sleep affects the many aspects of your overall health and how those same aspects affect your sleep!

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Strength & conditioning is oftentimes associated with the off-season and thought of as part of a “train, then compete” mentality. This is incorrect! Discover some reasons why…


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A typical human body, will be between 60-70% water. Clearly, it’s important!

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Your goal is to get faster, but first you must know how to slow down and stop safely. An effective speed training program trains acceleration AND deceleration together! Balancing these two aspects will get you get fast now and reduce your risk of a serious setback. You wouldn’t drive a Ferrari without brakes, right?!

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