The Importance of In-Season Strength Training

Strength & conditioning is oftentimes associated with the off-season and thought of as part of a “train, then compete” mentality. This is incorrect! Discover some reasons why…

1. Maintenance
After a period of improved power, strength, and conditioning in the off-season it is completely necessary to taper off the intensity for the season. However, to come to a complete stop will only reduce all of those hard-earned gains and hinder your possible progress for the next off-season! Who wants that?!

What to do:

  • Maintain a minimum frequency of 1 day of training per week, away from competition as much as possible. (Bruins players train right after games to recover for the next one!)
  • Decrease volume by limiting yourself to 1-3 sets per exercise. In this way, you’ll avoid overtraining. DO NOT train to fatigue!
  • Decrease complexity, to save your energy. Perform things you know and do well.

2. Injury Prevention
Related to maintenance, it’s vital to keep the movement patterns and motor control pathways learned in the off-season alive. By “greasing the groove”, the body will literally remember how to be strong and stable, keeping you injury-free.

Additionally, training within the competitive season allows for time to balance the body as it is used. In essence, you’ll be “prehabbing” muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction before they cause issues and set you back with pain of injury. Think of it as insurance!

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