Girl’s Strength & Conditioning

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Personal fitness is just as important for your child as it is for you.  Future Shapes offers a well-rounded Girl’s Strength and Conditioning program that’s specially designed for kids.

Our Girl’s Strength and Conditioning Program
• Enhances Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility, & Coordination
• Builds Endurance & Muscle Strength
• Improves Sports Performance
• Decreases the Risk of Injury
• Establishes Exercise as a Life-Long Habit
• Enhances Overall Health & Well-Being
• Builds Body Awareness & Knowledge
• Increases Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Individual Training
Future Shapes’ strength and conditioning specialists work with children of all ages and fitness levels, helping them create and achieve their own personal fitness goals. We’re able to focus on anything from general conditioning to sport-specific training to start your child on the road to a fit lifestyle.

Visit our contact page or call us at (617) 965-7375 to enroll your child in our Girl’s Strength and Conditioning program.